Mid-South Intellectual Property Institute

Who we are and what we do

Innovation and creative impulses are everywhere, not just in Silicon Valley or Hollywood or Austin or Nashville. Why is it that people who want to innovate or create gravitate there and don’t stay in the Mid-South?

It is all about the community. If I move to the Silicon Valley there is already a community there that can help me and support me, give me guidance, financing, legal advice and a place to show off my stuff. The same is true for the other centers of innovation and creation.

If we want other centers of innovation and creation to open up in the Mid-South, we need to develop our own communities. That’s where the Mid-South Intellectual Property Institute (MSIPI) comes in.

The Mid-South Intellectual Property Institute was formed to foster just such a community in the Mid-South. Co-sponsored by the University of Mississippi School of Law and FNC, Inc., we want to foster the development of that part of an active community that provides essential legal and business knowledge, guidance and expertise to Mid-South creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.

The MSIPI focus will be

• Community
• Knowledge and expertise
• Resources

How do we do this?

In its first four years, the MSIPI sponsored an annual conference on intellectual property at the Ole Miss Law School (see the “Past Conferences” tab for more information on those conferences). It was rewarding, and every year the quality of the program improved and the attendance grew. But it required a tremendous amount of work from a team of volunteers.

To be more effective, it became apparent that the MSIPI needed to be take a different tack. In doing so, it has set these objectives.

  • Act as catalyst and facilitator

  • Sponsor or support events for lawyers, creative artists, and entrepreneurs to help guide and educate them in how intellectual property law can help (or hurt) them

  • Train more lawyers to be knowledgeable in intellectual property law

  • Create a network of intellectual property lawyers throughout the Mid-South

  • Sponsor events for students at the law school to encourage them to study and practice intellectual property law

  • Make other resources available generally

What can you expect to see from the MSIPI going forward?

Here are some activities you can expect to see in the future.

  • MSIPI will sponsor and host more tele-seminars with the Mississippi Bar (including CLE, of course)

  • MSIPI will co-sponsor events with your organization or law firm

  • MSIPI will develop some “pre-packaged” panels that can be presented on request in front of different audiences, for example

    • I want to set up a website, what are the intellectual property issues I need to worry about?

    • I want to show my great new idea to an investor but am afraid that someone will take it, how do I protect myself?

    • Can I protect my [recipe, design, etc.]?

    • How do patents (trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets) work?


  • MSIPI will make available a panel of lawyers who can answer intellectual property questions (or can take on IP clients)

  • MSIPI will start developing a video library of webinars, panels and presentations along with short segments on specific topics

We are excited that we can help foster more communities that will support creators, innovators and entrepreneurs in the Mid-South
We are excited with this new direction and hope you will join us.

If you have any ideas, would like assistance or are interested in co-sponsorship, feel free to contact us at programcoordinator@msipi.org



The Mid-South Intellectual Property Institute is co-sponsored by the University of Mississippi School of Law, and FNC, Inc.

  • U of M School of Law
  • FNC Inc.